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FIRST PLACE - 1 year of C.E.T.® Brand Chews, Dyson® Ball Multifloor 2 Vacuum, and a featured blog post about your pet

SECOND PLACE - 6 months of C.E.T.® Brand Chews, Bose® SoundTouch® 20 Wireless Music System

THIRD PLACE - 6 months of C.E.T.® Brand Chews


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Breed: Staffordshire

Hobbies: Chasing birds off the lawn!

Description: She LOVES these chews!


Breed: Mystery Mix

Hobbies: Cat-herding and swimming

Description: Day-Z is a 4 yr old Pisces from Burbank, CA. She was born to a single mom, possibly a flat-coat retriever, and raised by two twin tabby cats. She loves to herd cats and lounge in the pool. Every night she looks forward to her bedtime treat, a yummy Virbac C.E.T. HEXtra Premium Dental Dog Chew. I feel safe giving her these treats and like that she is going to bed with clean teeth. Thank you for this wonderful product.


Breed: Dalmatian

Hobbies: Corde is a professional snuggler. On the side she also enjoys competing in agility and obedience.

Description: Corde was excited to hear about the photo contest! She grabbed her fanciest outfit and a bunch of her favorite Veggiedent chews for the picture!


Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Hobbies: Swimming and enjoying camping adventures

Description: This is our one year old corgi, Freya. She loves all food she can get her paws on, but her favorite treat is veggie dents! As soon as her big ears hear the crinkle of the bag, she's at our feet patiently waiting.


Breed: Oriental Shorthair

Hobbies: Playing fetch

Description: Dunkel likes Mom to hold his treats while he enjoys them. It’s how he keeps his flawless smile :)


Breed: mini dachshund

Hobbies: snuggling

Description: Every day when I get home from work, after going out to potty, Layla rushes back in excited to get her daily "chomper." That's what we call it. She takes it and runs to the dining room to chomp on it! :)

Big Boy!

Breed: English Bulldog

Hobbies: Play sneaky worm

Description: Big Boy is sitting by the toasty warm fire next to his favorite treats, Virbac CET chews! He is smiling because they make his breath so FRESH and they taste great too!


Breed: Beagle Mutt

Hobbies: Run, play, go on walks, chew on toys, get the squeaker out...

Description: Lucy has made our house a home for more than 2 years. She is a rescue from Missouri. Mom was a beagle. She is super-snuggly and affectionate, but also protective and fierce at times. She is super-agile and fast, and has caught and speedily dispatched chipmunks and small rodents. She is our family's first dog, and while my son made the case to get her, there is no question, that I, the mom, am her alpha #1. We are pretty bonded. Lucy will do just about anything for these chews, her absolute favorite treat. Usually we make her roll over 3-4 times in each direction!


Breed: Golden Retriever

Hobbies: Exploring In the Woods and digging holes

Description: Lucy is 9 years old and recently was diagnosed with cancer that was concentrated in the black part of the nose. Because she is family and nowhere ready to slow down, we opted to have it removed. Her breath has been stinking as of late so we decided to get her the VeggieDent to help. She may not have her nose, but she now "knows" what fresh breath should smell like. We think her nose now looks like the shape of a heart. Here's an action shot of the VeggieDent mid-air as she chomps down.


Breed: Pit-mix (Rescue Mutt)

Hobbies: Hike, chase lizards, hog the couch, eat, and chew on sticks and C.E.T. chews!

Description: Hi, I'm Lono Mono Monkey Boy and I love my C.E.T. chews! I eat them in the yard, in the house, or wherever my Mom gives them to me. I'm a little disappointed in this photo because mom made me sit up and hold it in my mouth and I couldn't lay down and chew on it. She told me she did it for my own good though, because she wants to get me many more in the mail. Thank you Virbac for keeping my 9 year old teeth shiny like a puppy's! (I'm actually 9 going on 1 anyways... I certainly don't act my age!).