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All Pet Entries

All pet entries

Show us a photo that captures your dog's or cat's spirit and your pet may be featured on this website!

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Owner's name: ROSITA

Age: 6

Breed: Mini pin

Hobbies: Eat

Why this photo caputures Rosita's spirit: always have bad breath


Owner's name: Kevin

Age: 1 year

Breed: Mixed

Hobbies: Nibble, Chase, Tug-a-war, goof off

Why this photo caputures Leander's spirit: This little boy came to me from a rescue situation where he was not being well cared for. When he was little he was so shy and scared he wouldn't let anyone touch him. Now thanks to a lot of patience, training, and the guidance of my older dog his lovable personality is finally shining through. He has gone from scared of everything to being a lovable & gentle but still very mischievous little goofball who never passes up a chance to have fun.


Owner's name: Gary

Age: 8

Breed: American Eskimo

Hobbies: Sit on daddys lap

Why this photo caputures Ella's spirit: She's just my little girl.

Biskit !

Owner's name: Jacquelyn

Age: 6

Breed: Airedale Terrier

Hobbies: Hiking and exploring! Camping and road trips. Going anywhere in the car.

Why this photo caputures Biskit 's spirit: Biskit lives each moment as if something wonderful is about to happen. He loves to entertain and is quite the practical joker. He can't seem to master a poker face though, so I know when he's teasing me. I got Biskit and 2 previous Airedales through Airedale Rescue and I can't stress how important these groups are.


Owner's name: Deborah

Age: 4.5

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Hobbies: eat, sleep, play, swim, swim, swim (repeat)

Why this photo caputures Andie's spirit: Andie the Lab showing off what labs do best - i think her face says it all. Thankfully her teeth get brushed twice a day with CET Vanilla Mint. We have never had to put her under for Prophy and her Vet thinks her teeth look great!