Past Winners

Past winners

Show us a photo taht captures your dog's or cat's spirit and your pet may be featured on this website!

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Owner's name: Steve

Age: 4 years

Breed: Mix

Hobbies: Destroying chew toys and lounging in the sun

Why this photo caputures Rielly's spirit: She loves to chill on the couch with us after a long day of running



Owner's name: Amber

Age: 14

Breed: chihuahua

Hobbies: Relaxing outside and hanging with Mom!

Why this photo caputures Earl's spirit: Earl was living on the streets when I found him - he was frozen, scared, and unsure. This photo captures the true joy Earl feels being a part of our family!



Owner's name: Kim

Age: 13 Mos.

Breed: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Hobbies: Fish, Hike, Camp

Why this photo caputures GROOT's spirit: Her Smile says it ALL!



Owner's name: NELLIEBELLE

Age: 9

Breed: Poodle

Hobbies: Sleep sucking her favorite toy, car riding in her mommy's shoulder, play fetch with stuffed toys.

Why this photo caputures Chanel's spirit: She always gets her plush toy to sleep, even when she is 9 years old already. It's like she is still a puppy, our baby girl.



Owner's name: Felicia

Age: 3 years

Breed: Bulldog

Hobbies: Sleep, hang out with his mommy, eat

Why this photo caputures Bruiser's spirit: Bruiser hates to get his face or body wet, but he loves to chill by the jacuzzi! He is the son I never had! Bruiser is the best dog!