C.E.T.® HEXtra® Premium Chews for Dogs

Combines chewy rawhide and the proven power of chlorhexidine to reduce plaque and tartar buildup.


C.E.T.® HEXtra® Premium Oral Hygiene Chews for Dogs contain beefhide for a natural abrasive cleansing action that helps keep teeth clean and breath fresh, even on days when brushing isn’t possible.  The combination of chlorhexidine with the mechanical action of the chew helps reduce plaque and tartar when used daily.  Available in Petite, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes.


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Find The Right Product
  • Petite
    Under 11 lbs

  • Medium
    11-25 lbs

  • Large
    26-50 lbs

  • extra large
    51+ lbs

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