EFFIPRO PLUS™ Topical Solution for Dogs

Kills fleas and ticks for up to one month on dogs and puppies.


EFFIPRO PLUS™ Topical Solution for Dogs is effective after bathing, shampooing, water immersion, or sunlight exposure.  For convenient, quick-acting, long-lasting, effective control of fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and chewing lice.  Only for dogs and puppies 8 weeks old or older with 5 convenient dose sizes for dogs weighing from 5 to 132 lbs.

For use only on dogs 8 weeks of age or older. Do not use on cats.  ico-not-for-cat.png

Featured Fact: Did you know EFFIPRO PLUS Topical Solution for Dogs dual action of fipronil and pyriproxyfen effectively breaks the flea life cycle?

Download EFFIPRO PLUS™ Topical Solution for Dogs Safety Data Sheet

Find The Right Product
  • Small
    5 to 22.9 lbs

  • medium
    23-44.9 lbs

  • Large
    45-88.9 lbs

  • extra large
    89-132 lbs