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Owner's name: Kathy

Age: 8

Breed: Flat Coat Retriever

Hobbies: Pet Therapy hospital visits

Why this photo caputures Judy's spirit: Judy is always happy and loves people. She loves Texas.

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Owner's name: Nichole

Age: 8 weeks

Breed: Siamese/Ragdoll

Hobbies: Aurora's favorite thing, especially after an intense play session, is to take a nap, stretched out on her back at my feet.

Why this photo caputures Aurora's spirit: The emotion showed by her body language says it all.


Owner's name: Jeff

Age: 3

Breed: Belgian Malinois

Hobbies: Focused Obedience, Nosework, Protection Sports, fvorite thing is to stay Velcroed to dad!

Why this photo caputures Tsoma's spirit: This picture captures Tsoma's spirit, because he's 100% focused on me and ready to go and do whatever I ask of him! Secondly, he may be a Belgian, but he is all Texas as the bluebonnets signify!


Owner's name: Beth

Age: 1

Breed: Yellow Lab

Hobbies: Dog park, walks, destroy toys, beg for more attention

Why this photo caputures Levi's spirit: Levi is a smart, energetic, loyal and fun member of our family. He loves bringing things to our attention and is proud to destroy toys and show off his efforts.