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Biskit !

Owner's name: Jacquelyn

Age: 6

Breed: Airedale Terrier

Hobbies: Hiking and exploring! Camping and road trips. Going anywhere in the car.

Why this photo caputures Biskit 's spirit: Biskit lives each moment as if something wonderful is about to happen. He loves to entertain and is quite the practical joker. He can't seem to master a poker face though, so I know when he's teasing me. I got Biskit and 2 previous Airedales through Airedale Rescue and I can't stress how important these groups are.


Owner's name: Deborah

Age: 4.5

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Hobbies: eat, sleep, play, swim, swim, swim (repeat)

Why this photo caputures Andie's spirit: Andie the Lab showing off what labs do best - i think her face says it all. Thankfully her teeth get brushed twice a day with CET Vanilla Mint. We have never had to put her under for Prophy and her Vet thinks her teeth look great!

Zoe and Oreo!

Owner's name: Liz

Age: 12 and 7

Breed: Red Shepard mix and Catahoula

Hobbies: Walking

Why this photo caputures Zoe and Oreo's spirit: They love hanging out with us and each other. Zoe loves her Oreo! We take them along when restaurant outdoor seating allows:-)


Owner's name: myra

Age: 4 yr

Breed: dachshund

Hobbies: play ball/be a diva

Why this photo caputures myer's spirit: What a diva she is.


Owner's name: Bill

Age: 2

Breed: German Short Haired Pointer

Hobbies: chew - chew - chew and run and play - squirrel hunting

Why this photo caputures Belle's spirit: Plotting her next move.


Owner's name: Alice

Age: 7 yrs, 5 mo

Breed: French Bulldog

Hobbies: Learning how to enjoy the comfort and love of human companionship

Why this photo caputures Daisy's spirit: Daisy was Puppy Mill discard and was being given away FREE on Craigslist this past June. We scooped her up before someone would get ahold of her and use her as a bait dog. Daisy has never known the comfort of a warm bed or loving hand. She was afraid of humans and would pancake down anytime a human would get close to her. We have seen a gradual transformation in her each and every day. She has gained weight, she's learning how to be potty trained and she allows me to groom her including brushing her teeth (at least what teeth are left) and most importantly, she can't get enough cuddling from me or her Dad. I took this pic yesterday because it's the first time I have EVER seen her smile and it warms my heart and makes it all worth it.

Rosie !

Owner's name: Donald

Age: 6 yrs.old

Breed: Red Merle Australian Cattle

Hobbies: chasing, catching and her favorite thing is digging !

Why this photo caputures Rosie 's spirit: Rosie and I bonded the day I would adopt her. It has been a fantastic journey from that point on. With a bit of patience and tons of love Rosie has a furever home. You can see the love in her eyes and her Cattle dog breed shows through.!


Owner's name: Donald

Age: 6 yrs.old

Breed: Red Merle Australian Cattle

Hobbies: Ankle bitter, chasing and just plainly being mischeivious and being in the water !

Why this photo caputures Rosie's spirit: Rosie is my adopted furry child and has with a bit of patience and tons of love. Made a complete turn around and now enjoys just being a dog. Whether she is out walking or playing in the pool. I couldn`t ask for a better furry friend.


Owner's name: Donald

Age: 6 yrs. old

Breed: Red Merle Australian Cattle

Hobbies: Rosie likes to catch,swim,be mischievious, chase, be bossy

Why this photo caputures Rosie's spirit: Rosie came to me through a very good friend. Who works at a local shelter. With tons of love, reassurance, and a bit of patience. Rosie has made a complete turn around. I can`t stress enough the importance of Shelter Adoption. As my picture proves it.


Owner's name: Nichole

Age: 8 weeks

Breed: Siamese/Ragdoll

Hobbies: Aurora's favorite thing, especially after an intense play session, is to take a nap, stretched out on her back at my feet.

Why this photo caputures Aurora's spirit: The emotion showed by her body language says it all.