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Updates from Virbac US

Room with a Mew

In celebration of National Cat Day, Virbac’s new copywriter, Malcolm Mayhew, writes about a unique cat hotel he and his family opened in their very own backyard. 

Traveling with Pets by Air

By Dr. Genna Mize
Consulting and Reporting Veterinarian at Virbac


Many vacationers wait until it cools off before they begin their yearly travels. With summer in the rearview mirror and cooler temps just around the corner, some of us are starting to make plans for fall and winter vacations. But what if, this year, we want to travel with our pet companions?

Every Pet Project (EPP) Profile: Three Little Pitties

An occasional series about Virbac’s Every Pet Project (EPP) and the animal charities it supports.  

By Malcolm Mayhew
Virbac Copywriter

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