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Happy 4th of July weekend!

As you prepare for your 4th of July festivities on Monday, remember, this holiday can be a little overwhelming for pets. Some pets tend to be anxious or nervous around large gatherings of people and/or loud, unexpected noises, such as fireworks. 

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Tips for Keeping Your Canine Cool

The summer season is here and, for many of us, temperatures are already soaring to scorching triple digits. As it turns out the “dog days of summer” aren’t the most friendly of times for our canine companions, who cannot tolerate heat like us humans.

Dr. Genna Mize
Virbac Technical Services Veterinarian

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Does My Pet Have Skin Allergies?

If you have a pet, chances are you’ve watched them itch, scratch or lick a troubling spot on their skin. While the sound can be quite irritating, don’t blame your pet! Their actions could be the result of a skin condition or even allergies. Learn more about our pets’ allergies from Dr. Kara Wolf, DVM, Technical Services Staff Veterinarian for Virbac Corporation.

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