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The Art of Bathing

Whether it be for basic cleansing or requires the use of a specially formulated shampoo, bathing is a necessary part of your pet’s health, but can be complicated at times. A general cleansing and grooming shampoo can help maintain or restore your pet’s skin health and coat. Specifically formulated shampoos are also available to help alleviate a variety of skin and hair coat issues. Because there are many differences between human and animal skin, products that are good for our hair and skin may not be good for your pet and should be avoided.  If there are any questions or concerns on what products should be used, your veterinarian can advise you on which types of shampoos, cream rinses, or ear cleansers would be best to use on your pet and how frequently your pet should be bathed. 

Choosing The Right Collar and Leash For Your Dog

So you’ve adopted a new family dog – whether he’s fuzzy, playful and energetic, or sleeker, refined and relaxed, you’ll need a good collar and a reliable leash to aid you in walking him and taking him out in public.

But what kind should you choose? Does the material of the collar matter? How long should the leash be?

Virbac announces the approval of Stelfonta​® (tigilanol tiglate injection)

Virbac announces the approval of Stelfonta (tigilanol tiglate injection), an innovative intratumoral injection treatment for canine mast cell tumors

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