Virbac USA

Tiber's Story

Meet Tiber.  Owner, Cyndi Duke, recently wrote to Virbac to tell her story of how her dog, Tiber, has enjoyed C.E.T. ® Toothpaste for 17 years!

We have used CET toothpaste since Tiber rescued us in 2002, and he has enjoyed all the flavors, but particularly poultry & beef.  Though he does not romp too much anymore at the age of 17, he looks forward to his short outings, lots of good sniffing and attacking his favorite squeak animals.

Tiber really does have the sweetest temperament...the vet's office claims him as their most gentle and kind patient, no matter what may be in store at each visit.  Our veterinarian, Dr. Jessica Heard, says that she has never seen an animal with such excellent gums & teeth in all her many years of practice, let alone a 17 year old!