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Virbac Announces Availability of EASOTIC® (hydrocortisone aceponate, miconazole nitrate, gentamicin sulfate) Otic Suspension for Dogs


Now Available

WESTLAKE, TX, APRIL 9, 2020 — Virbac Corporation has announced the availability of EASOTIC (hydrocortisone aceponate, miconazole nitrate, gentamicin sulfate) Otic Suspension for Dogs, a prescription treatment for canine otitis externa.

Otitis externa is an extremely common and painful condition in dogs and a source of frustration for dog owners, particularly when confronted with recurring episodes. In 2016, otitis externa was the number one reason for veterinary visits in the US.1 While the condition can affect dogs of any breed or age, certain dogs—including frequent swimmers, dogs with allergies, and those with floppy or droopy ears—are at a higher risk for the infection. The ability to rapidly and effectively manage inflammation is essential for a positive clinical outcome.

In addition to delivering effective, rapid resolution of the clinical signs of otitis externa,2,3 EASOTIC Otic Suspension for dogs is also easy for pet owners to administer. The product features an ergonomically designed applicator that delivers the correct dose in a single press, making administration less frustrating. With features such as a flexible nozzle, textured grip, ergonomic shape, and airless bottle. A study demonstrated that this applicator improved compliance when compared with a traditional product that requires counting drops, and 100% of pet owners expressed satisfaction with the product.3

“I think the most difficult part for an owner who’s applying medications at home is that they don’t have extra help or their pet is in pain, so they’re avoiding ear medications,” notes Christina Restrepo, DVM, DACVD, veterinary dermatologist at the Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida in Naples, FL. “That’s one of the main reasons I really like EASOTIC. It has a pump system where the pet can be in any position and the owner can still administer a dose that is accurate every single time. It makes dosing extremely user friendly.”

EASOTIC Otic Suspension was shown to provide rapid, sustained treatment of otitis externa. It is formulated to treat the inflammation, bacterial and fungal infections most commonly associated with otitis externa. Its three key ingredients include miconazole, a trusted anti-fungal; gentamicin, a first-line, broad-spectrum antimicrobial; and most notably, hydrocortisone aceponate (HCA), a new-generation diester steroid. This unique combination of ingredients enables a simple 5-day treatment regimen, resulting in high, local efficacy and a low risk of systemic side effects.6,7

For veterinary staff eager to deliver relief for their canine patients while satisfying pet owners’ need for a fast-acting, effective, and easy-to-use treatment, EASOTIC Otic Suspension delivers proven results.


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VP, Communications and Customer Service

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Important safety information:

EASOTIC® (hydrocortisone aceponate, miconazole nitrate, gentamicin sulfate) Otic Suspension for Dogs: For otic (ear) use in dogs only. Contraindicated in dogs with known or suspected hypersensitivity to corticosteroids, imidazole antifungals, or aminoglycoside antibiotics. Do not use in dogs with known tympanic membrane (ear drum) perforation. The safe use of EASOTIC Otic Suspension in dogs used for breeding purposes has not been evaluated. Do not administer orally. Humans with known or suspected hypersensitivity to hydrocortisone, aminoglycoside antibiotics, or azole antifungals should not handle this product. For complete information or to obtain a package insert, contact Virbac at 1-800-338-3659, or visit us.virbac.com.

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