Fabrice Payot

Vice President of New Business


Fabrice is focused on shaping our ventures into new areas including Pet Food and Livestock Health. Working closely with our commercial leaders, he will develop business models for new products that maximize our market position.

Fabrice Payot previously served as the Vice President for Livestock Health at Virbac US and Canada starting in 2021. Fabrice has more than 15 years of experience in the animal health industry. He began his career as a Veterinarian (DVM) in the Brittany Region of France and specialized in cattle. He was interested in going deeper into the medicines and vaccines  he was using, and completed a master’s of science in immunology, and then joined Intervet (now Merck). He worked in R&D and then moved to the business side and occupied field technical positions while at that company.

He joined Virbac in 2009 to transition from a technical position to marketing and thrived. He was a Livestock Marketing Manager at the French affiliate.

In 2013, Fabrice joined the global team for Virbac to take care of the dairy segment. In 2018 he was promoted to the Global Marketing Director of Ruminants, in charge of marketing strategy and portfolio development for the global organization, which included 29 affiliated countries.


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