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Updates from Virbac US

Virbac welcomes Laura Watenpool, Vice President of Sales

The North American affiliate is pleased to announce that Laura Watenpool will join Virbac as the Vice President of Sales, effective Monday, October 23, 2023.  In addition to her industry and leadership experience,  Laura is a salesforce excellence champion. She brings these critical components to our commercial and leadership teams in alignment with the North American business strategy.

Virbac welcomes Mark Champ, Vice President of Marketing

The North American affiliate announces Mark Champ will join the Executive Leadership Team, effective October 9, 2023. As Vice President of Marketing, Mark will develop and drive a multi-channel marketing strategy, blending our regional dynamics with the global mission of providing innovative products to those who care for animals every day.  

Are animals the greatest weather predictors?

“Batten down the hatches, there is a storm rolling in,” signals the cow lying in the pasture or the bird flying low.  An old wives’ tale perhaps, or can animals truly sense an impending storm? 

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