Laura Watenpool

Vice President of Sales

_ELT Laura Watenpool.jpgThe North American affiliate is pleased to announce that Laura Watenpool has joined Virbac as the Vice President of Sales.  In addition to her industry and leadership experience, Laura is a salesforce excellence champion. She brings these critical components to our commercial and leadership teams in alignment with the North American business strategy.

Laura will lead the US commercial function including the national sales team, key and strategic accounts, sales support and data analytics. She will foster the work already underway, examining our market segmentation, product differentiation and how we engage with clinics for the best possible results. Along with her team, Laura will hone the strategic and national account approach, create the sales forecast and annual calendar and passionately recognize and develop our teams in the field.

Laura will report to Giovanni Abruzzini, President and CEO of Virbac Corporation. 

Laura holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Dowling University and earned her MBA from the University of Phoenix. Prior to joining Virbac, Laura was the Vice President of Omni-Channel Operational Excellence at Elanco, where she has served nearly 14 years in multiple, progressive roles supporting US pet health.


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