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DFW Humane Society Receives $2,500 from Virbac on National Animal Shelter & Rescue Appreciation Week

DALLAS, Texas (November 4, 2020) - The Dallas/Fort Worth Humane Society (DFWHS) today announced that they have been awarded a $2,500 donation from Virbac Corporation’s The Every Pet Project, right in time for National Animal Shelter & Rescue Appreciation Week.

The National Animal Shelter & Rescue Appreciation Week was created in 1996 and takes place the first week of November. This week was set aside to help encourage people to learn more about their local shelters, what they are doing to help animals, and how they can help also!

Here at the DFWHS, we calculate that over 3,000 animal shelters across the United States serve an estimated 7 million homeless animals which need refuge, each year. Many more animals and their owners find themselves in need of the services provided by local rescue groups, such as ours. 

In 2018, Virbac Corporation launched The Every Pet Project (formerly called The Every Dog Project) and has been donating money to two (2) charities nominated by veterinary professionals, pet owners, and pet lovers have been randomly selected each month to receive a donation to help them in their valuable work.

Francois Fournier, CEO of Virbac North America, explained the thinking behind the donations: “The Every Pet Project will help us do more for the communities we serve and enable us to improve the quality of care for pets that need it the most.”

All of us at DFW Humane Society encourage you to participate by nominating your favorite animal charity. It only takes a few seconds and there are multiple ways to do it: Simply text PETS to 80160 or nominate online.

See the video of the event here