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Don’t Forget to Hug Your Cat Today!

Today is National Hug Your Cat Day, just in case you need another excuse to hug, hold, cuddle with, and dote over your feline friends.

In some respects, cat hugs are a win-win. Not only will your cat appreciate the hug (at least we think they’ll appreciate it), hugging or cuddling with your cat can possibly be beneficial to your health. 

Studies have shown that cats have a rather remarkable ability to relieve feelings of fear, anxiety and loneliness in people.1 Cuddling your cat can actually release endorphins and the beneficial bonding hormone oxytocin, in both you and your cat.2 This can help boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure, and may even reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack.3

“My two cats, Fangy and Kissy Boy, have provided me many years of happiness,” says Alyson Appley, LVT, Veterinary Technical Product Support Manager for Virbac. “They each have their own personalities and express love in different ways. Nothing beats coming home from a busy day and relaxing on the couch with them. Their purrs and cuddles really help me unwind.”

On this special day, we also want to remind you of the many cat products we offer, from toothpaste to pet nutrition to parasite protection, designed to help your favorite feline live their best life. See all of our products here.
Now, enjoy your day of kitty cat hugs!