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Five Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Pets

Happy Earth Day! Many pet owners may not realize just how much of an impact our four-legged companions can have on our planet. So to celebrate Earth Day, we came up with five ways you and your pet can go green together.

By Malcolm Mayhew


Buy Planet-Friendly Products: More and more pet owners are going green, choosing pet products that are planet-friendly. Consider, for instance, biodegradable doggie bags over the plastic kind, or kitty litter made out of plant-based materials. Many new pet products are being made from recycled plastics and natural materials, too. 

Donate: Animal shelters and rescues are in constant need of pet supplies, so why not donate a no-longer-being-used toy, bowl or blanket to help reduce the need for new materials. 

Digital ID: Consider buying a digital ID for your pet. Instead of tossing out your pet’s tag every time you move or update your contact information, move into the 21st century with a tag - like this one from PetHub - that links to an online profile you can update every time your contact info changes. They can also be used to find missing pets and securely store your pet’s medical records.

A Good Green Clean: Bleach and other household cleaning supplies may contain toxic chemicals. Instead of using those products to clean up cat messes, use vinegar, lemon or baking soda. These eco-friendly alternatives help remove odors and kill mold and bacteria, too. For a list of hazardous household products, click here

Kitty cat canned food: Be sure to recycle cans from wet cat food. Give them a good clean first, so there’s no stinky residue (and also so your cat won’t go digging through the recycling bin!). 

Have a Happy Earth Day!