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Happy National Veterinary Technician Week 2021!

National Veterinary Technician Week is October 17-21!

Here at Virbac, we are delighted to celebrate the immense contributions of veterinary technicians who better the lives of both animals and humans.  We recognize the profound impact these individuals have on the veterinary industry, every single day, and applaud their dedication to the health and well-being of all creatures in their care.

It is a well known fact among those in the veterinary profession that the work of a veterinary technician can be challenging - mentally, emotionally and physically.  The sacrifices and contributions of these team members allow veterinarians to practice their best medicine.  In fact, technicians are so critical to veterinary medicine that we might call them the backbone of the profession!


We would like to recognize a handful of these talented, dedicated individuals below:

2021_Amy King_Kasey Smith-resize320x398-crop305x290-resize200x190.jpegAmy King, Jordan Creek Animal Practice, West Des Moines, Iowa

Why is this Vet Tech so fantastic?

"Amy does it all. The pandemic has tested the veterinary business in so many ways and she always keeps the practice moving forward. She has proven to be a pillar of knowledge for the team and is always the one you can count on. Additionally, she manages all of the outside vendors, products and keeps a gold standard of care at the forefront of JCAH."

Nominated by Kasey Smith



2021_Becca_Darren Natale-resize200x198.jpgBecca Sayre, Fort Washington Veterinary Hospital, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania

Why is this Vet Tech so fantastic?

"Becca is always attentive to her patients and has a great caring spirit about her."

Nominated by Darren Natale




2021_Holly - Aggie Kiefer-resize200x301-crop200x217.jpgHolly Young, Liverpool Animal Health Center, Liverpool, New York

Why is this Vet Tech so fantastic?

Holly Young does it all: She manages inventory, organizes the practice by setting up protocols, works as a technician, fills in at the front desk and steps into any role necessary to get the job done. Holly has a good number of years' experience and those years have fine-tuned her patience and ability to meet any situation with a level head and smile. In working with Holly, it's hard not to notice how she puts others first; the clients, the team and of course the pets she cares for. It's always a pleasure spending time with her and she is deeply devoted to her profession.

Nominated by Aggie Kiefer



2021_Jean - Kasey Smith-resize200x266.jpegJean Wagner, Emmetsburg Vet Clinic, Emmetsburg, Iowa

Why is this Vet Tech so fantastic?

Jean does it all.  She has taken on the challenge of constantly learning new products that can better the lives of her patients, implenting them into her daily practice and routine.  She keeps this rural practice moving and learning each day with a smile on her face.  She is a true example of what it means to provide heartfelt care.

Nominated by Kasey Smith





2021_Katelyn - Perrin Todd-resize200x300.JPGKatelyn Wassenaar, Black Creek Vet Hospital, Middleburg, Florida

Why is this Vet Tech so fantastic?

Katelyn always has so much energy and a smile on her face. She works so hard and her heart is always in everything she does.

Nominated by Perrin Todd







2021 Kelly McNeill-resize200x284Kelly McNeill, Southlake Crossing Animal Clinic, Southlake, Texas

Why is this Vet Tech so fantastic?

She is a leader when it comes to her clinic and always makes sure that not only the patients but their owners are well taken care of and have the best medicine available to them.

Nominated by Kevin Crawford






2021_Liz - Tracey Cross-resize200x250.jpgLiz Reilly, Delaware Valley Vet Hospital, Mullica Hill, New Jersey

Why is this Vet Tech so fantastic?

She was born fantastic- that's what she says!

Really, Liz is always pleasant and has a positive attitude! I can count on her to help me with anything I need. She handles the inventory for one of the biggest accounts in the country yet I always feel like she's available to brainstorm with me on ideas to get the Vets and staff motivated. Oh yes, and she's a tech so she has to juggle seeing pets in between her many other responsibilities. She cares so much for the animals and the business that she even picks up to do things on her days off. 

Nominated by Tracey Cross



2021_Ilian Connor-LVT - Scott Weinman-resize200x201.jpegIlian Connor, Claus Paws Animal Hospital, Vancouver, Washington

Why is this Vet Tech so fantastic?

Highly skilled ER and Specialty tech now working in Primary Care. Mentors new doctors and technicians. Was an RN who got into med school, but choose to be a vet tech because it was her passion.

Fun. Efficient. Compassionate. Caring. Positive attitude.

Nominated by Scott Weinman


2021_Rebecca - Perrin Todd-resize200x266.jpegRebecca Kirwan, Pets R Family, St. Johns, Florida

Why is this Vet Tech so fantastic?

Rebecca has been a veterinary technician for about 7 years. She started at an emergency and speciality hospital, rotating between dentistry, surgery, cardiology, and emergency. She moved to Florida and decided to work at a smaller clinic and has been a lead laboratory technician and now a lead surgery technician.

A remarkable thing about Rebecca is that she is deaf and relys on her cochlear implants to help her through the day. She loves to help other hearing impaired individuals learn about careers in veterinary medicine, as well as help her coworkers learn about different aspects of veterinary medicine! 

Nominated by Perrin Todd




2021 Shay Kabel-resize200x237.jpgShannon Kabel, Corfu Veterinary Clinic, Corfu, New York

Why is this Vet Tech so fantastic?

Shay is a nonstop, hard working technician who cares deeply for her team, pet owners and of course their pets. Shay is quoted as saying, she loves to come to work every day with such amazing people and finds it tremendously rewarding to be able to help so many pets.

She manages the clinic along with handling inventory and any number of other tasks that come her way. In spending time with Shay, she is always upbeat, optimistic and ready to take on a challenge. She gives back to the profession as the administrative assistant for the Buffalo Academy of Veterinary Medicine.

No question, Shay is a dedicated veterinary technician.

Nominated by Aggie Kiefer


2021_Stephanie Peters_WI.jpgStephanie Peters, Riverside Animal Hospital, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Why is this Vet Tech so fantastic?

Even under the busiest, most stressful conditions, Stephanie has the most positive attitude and always carries a big smile. She is a leader within her clinic and ensures all tasks are completed quickly, each and every day.

She is attentive and caring with each and every pet, and kind and compassionate with their pet owners. Stephanie is a great role model and prime example of the best in the Animal Health Industry!

Nominated by Kelly Smith


Ever wonder how you can express your appreciation for the compassionate care of a veterinary technician in your life? We have some ideas for you!

  • Deliver a sweet treat or even provide lunch 
  • Distribute gift cards
  • Write a handwritten note 
  • A digital praise via social media 
  • Simply say “thank you” 

Please join us in celebrating these important team members both during National Veterinary Technician Week and every day.  We appreciate you and all you do to enhance the health and quality of life of both animal and human species alike.