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Happy National Veterinary Technician Week 2020

Veterinary technicians are crucial partners to our business. They provide compassionate, high quality care to animals in their practices to make sure that pets and pet owners thrive better.

National Veterinary Technician Week is October 11-17, 2020. At Virbac, veterinary technicians are crucial partners to our business. They provide compassionate, high quality care to animals in their practices to make sure that pets and pet owners thrive.


We want to say thank you to all the veterinary technicians! We value the work you do, and are grateful to be your partner in animal health.


This week we’re going to highlight some of our veterinary technicians that mean the world to us.

Amanda Pearce, RVT, VTS(Dentistry)

University of Georgia Community Practice, Athens, Georgia

By Dr. Lauren Johnson, DVM, Virbac

“I have known Amanda since I was a veterinary student at UGA. Amanda has always been committed to sharing her knowledge and experience with the veterinary students. Her love for veterinary medicine, especially veterinary dentistry shows. She is always patient and helpful.”


Camille Jackson

Duvall Veterinary Hospital, Duvall, Washington

By Wendy Matousek, Sr. Territory Sales Manager

“Camille is not only a fantastic LVT - she is also the practice manager at Duvall Vet Hospital. No matter what - she always has a positive and upbeat attitude. She is willing to explore creative ideas on how to promote Virbac products and keep her clients informed on new products. She is a dream to work with.”


Jeannie Losey, RVT, VTS(Dentistry)

NC State College of Veterinary Medicine Dentistry Service, Raleigh, North Carolina

By Dr. Lauren Johnson, DVM, Virbac

“Jeannie is definitely a leader in her field! She plays an active role in her profession as a member in the North Carolina Association of Veterinary Technicians as well as the Association of Veterinary Dental Technicians.  As the only veterinary technician on the Dentistry service at NC State Veterinary School, she is responsible for the care of the service's patients, assists the veterinary dentists and is responsible for assisting in the education of veterinary students that rotate through the service. Jeannie has a true servant’s heart and is always willing to share her talents with others.”


Kim Miller

Brockport Animal Hospital, Brockport, New York

By Aggie Kiefer, Key Account Manager, Virbac

“Where do I begin? Kim always thinks of her team first and gives more than 100% every day no matter what her day has been like. She is a dedicated technician working in the field in practice for over 30 years. Kim still brings the same enthusiasm to her career and puts pets first.”


Mary Swartz

Sherwood Family Pet Clinic, Sherwood, Oregon

By Laura Strachan, Sr. Territory Sales Manager

"Mary has been a technician for about 35 years. She is currently the Practice Manager at Sherwood Family Pet. She has worked at Sherwood Family Pet for over 15 years. Mary is the hardest working technician that I know. In addition, she always thinks of the staff members first. They all respect Mary and want to do a good job for her, and the clinic.

A few weeks ago Mary sent me a recent note about her staff. It said: ‘Last week, the staff came up with the idea to do a cleaning party to spruce the place up so that when we start allowing the public into the clinic, we are fresh and sparkly. They want to clean and paint. I was taken aback that they would come in on a day off to do this.’ Her first thought was to get gift cards for the staff that they would find as they cleaned the rooms. It shows her appreciation for their commitment.

In addition to being a great tech, Mary encourages teamwork, wants the staff to be happy, and encourages a great customer experience. The owner and Doctors speak highly of her, and she is a huge reason that walking into Sherwood is a warm and welcoming experience.

Personally, I should also point out that Mary has always made time for me, and always showed interest in our products, including asking intelligent and probing questions about the products.”


Pam Nowell, LVT, VTS (Dentistry)

East Lake Veterinary Hospital, Dallas, Texas

By Karen Fling, DVM at East Lake and Cathy Wood, Territory Sales Manager at Virbac

“Pam has been a valuable member of the East Lake Veterinary Hospital team for over 23 years and holds the distinction of being one of only a few LVTs in Texas that is certified as a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Dentistry. In addition to her specialty in dentistry, Pam is also an advocate of weight management in pets. Pam’s work in rehabilitating an overweight orphan cat named Grainger was recognized  with an award in a national pet weight loss contest with Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Pam again received national attention in her role in the weight loss of another orphan cat, a 43 pound orange tabby named “Skinny” ( Pam’s expansive skillset and passion for helping pets bring a dynamic strength to our medical care team.”


Sabrina Klepper, LVMT

University of Tennessee Community Practice, Knoxville, Tennessee

By Dr. Lauren Johnson, DVM, Virbac

“Sabrina is instrumental in the day to day operation of the Community Practice Service at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. From patient care to educating veterinary students, Sabrina can do anything.”



Tiffany Hunt, LVMT, VTS(Dentistry)

University of Tennessee Dentistry Service, Knoxville, Tennessee

By Dr. Lauren Johnson, DVM, Virbac

“As the only technician on the dentistry service at the University of Tennessee, Tiffany amazingly keeps the service running like a well oiled machine. With the addition of a new veterinary dentist, Tiffany has been instrumental in helping this service grow to offer more options for patients and opportunities for student learning in dentistry. She has recently received her VTPS specialty designation in dentistry. Tiffany is always willing to share her time to help others.”