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The Great Sleuth


Sherlock Holmes, revered as the greatest storybook sleuth of all time, has a bit of competition from a canine.

With the ability to follow scent tracks documented at more than 130 miles through diverse terrain, the bloodhound has found its own spot in history as having one of the most accurate scent detectors, even to this day, and widely accepted in the court of law.  Nick Carter, a Kentucky bloodhound, aided with the capture and conviction of 600 criminals. 

According to the AKC, this breed was developed from the meticulous breeding program perfected by monks for bishops during the medieval times. The breed was known as "blooded hounds" or of "aristocratic blood" throughout the monasteries of England and France.  The first written account of the bloodhound being used as a tracker was in 1805 and the breed gained domestic popularity in 1888 during the Westminster Kennel Club Show.

This breed that has an uncanny ability to track by relying on its 230 million “scent receptors”, 40 times more than a human.   This breed can display shyness when around strangers.  With features such as drooping eyes and ears, bloodhounds can stand up to 27 inches and weigh upwards of 110 pounds.  The bloodhound is a pack dog and is comfortable around other dogs and kids.