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Why Virbac Pet Food?

Decades of Experience in Helping Pets Live Their Best Lives

With more than 30 years in pet food around the world and more than 50 years dedicated to animal health, we have a deep understanding of how the two interact — and the role your dog’s or cat’s food plays in their overall health.

We’re proud to be the first animal health company to launch a pet food portfolio in the United States, and the first to formulate a brand of food specifically for the nutritional needs of spayed or neutered dogs and cats.

Long-Standing Relationships with Veterinarians

B2C_1.0_VetRelationship_450x450.pngYou and your veterinarian know your pet best. And we believe that your veterinarian is the best person to offer pet food advice for your dog or cat.

Your veterinary healthcare team takes your pet’s entire health history into account when recommending pet food or any other item for your pet’s overall care and well-being. And since more than 90% of pet owners have said they’d like to get a pet food recommendation from their veterinarian,1 there’s a good chance you’re among them.


Nutrition Designed for Spayed & Neutered Pets

The number of spayed and neutered pets in the US continues to climb. It has become essential to develop a food that meets the specific needs of these pets’ bodies. Our expertise in animal health and pet food, combined with veterinarians’ trust in our work, have enabled us to produce VETERINARY HPM® Pet Food for dogs and cats.

Pets & Their People Are at the Heart of What We Do

B2C_1.0_Innovation_450x450.pngYour pets rely on you to give them the best care possible. You trust your veterinary healthcare team to give you the best information possible. And veterinarians trust us to be transparent about what we include in our pet food for dogs and cats. On the front of each bag, you’ll find clear information about our protein sources, confirming our commitment to prioritize animal protein and minimize dietary starch.



Find the Food That Matches Your Pet’s Needs

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