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A Guide to Keeping Your Pets Happy and Healthy During the Holidays


A Guide to Keeping Your Pets Happy and Healthy During the Holidays.

By Malcolm Mayhew

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Room with a Mew


In celebration of National Cat Day, Virbac’s new copywriter, Malcolm Mayhew, writes about a unique cat hotel he and his family opened in their very own backyard. 

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Happy National Veterinary Technician Week 2021!


Here at Virbac, we are delighted to celebrate the immense contributions of veterinary technicians who better the lives of both animals and humans.  We recognize the profound impact these individuals have on the veterinary industry, every single day, and applaud their dedication to the health and well-being of all creatures in their care.

It is a well known fact among those in the veterinary profession that the work of a veterinary technician can be challenging - mentally, emotionally and physically.  The sacrifices and contributions of these team members allow veterinarians to practice their best medicine.  In fact, technicians are so critical to veterinary medicine that we might call them the backbone of the profession!

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National Pet Hydration Awareness Month


July is National Pet Hydration Awareness Month. Learn more about how to identify the signs of dehydration.

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Top Dog & Cat Names of 2021


Top Dog & Cat Names of 2021

By Malcolm Mayhew

Remember the days when you called your dog “Spot” and your cat, well, “Kitty”? 

Those days are long gone. Nowadays, pet names resemble human names so much, there’s virtually zero way to tell if you’re yelling for your husband or your cocker spaniel!

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Tips for Nurturing a Behaviorally Healthy Puppy


Have a new puppy? Discover 8 tips from Dr. Lauren Johnson (DVM) to make sure it grows to be a well-behaved dog.

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The Art of Bathing


Whether it be for basic cleansing or requires the use of a specially formulated shampoo, bathing is a necessary part of your pet’s health, but can be complicated at times. A general cleansing and grooming shampoo can help maintain or restore your pet’s skin health and coat. Specifically formulated shampoos are also available to help alleviate a variety of skin and hair coat issues. Because there are many differences between human and animal skin, products that are good for our hair and skin may not be good for your pet and should be avoided.  If there are any questions or concerns on what products should be used, your veterinarian can advise you on which types of shampoos, cream rinses, or ear cleansers would be best to use on your pet and how frequently your pet should be bathed. 

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Happy National Puppy Day!



Today, March 23, is National Puppy Day, and at Virbac we love dogs of all ages, especially ones that are new to our world. Starting off on “the right paw” is important for them to thrive and grow. Below are some helpful things to consider to keep them happy, healthy and safe. Finding a veterinarian to help you keep your new puppy safe is one of the most important decisions you will make for your pet. Feel free to share with any new dog owners so they can also be informed.

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DFW Humane Society Receives $2,500 from Virbac on National Animal Shelter & Rescue Appreciation Week


DALLAS, Texas (November 4, 2020) - The Dallas/Fort Worth Humane Society (DFWHS) today announced that they have been awarded a $2,500 donation from Virbac Corporation’s The Every Pet Project, right in time for National Animal Shelter & Rescue Appreciation Week.

The National Animal Shelter & Rescue Appreciation Week was created in 1996 and takes place the first week of November. This week was set aside to help encourage people to learn more about their local shelters, what they are doing to help animals, and how they can help also!

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Happy National Veterinary Technician Week 2020


National Veterinary Technician Week is October 11-17, 2020. At Virbac, veterinary technicians are crucial partners to our business. They provide compassionate, high quality care to animals in their practices to make sure that pets and pet owners thrive.


We want to say thank you to all the veterinary technicians! We value the work you do, and are grateful to be your partner in animal health.


This week we’re going to highlight some of our veterinary technicians that mean the world to us.

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