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EPIOTIC® Advanced Ear Cleanser

Recommended for the routine cleansing of ears in dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

  • Cat
  • Dog



epiotic_box_img.jpgIdeal for supporting good ear health in dogs prone to ear infections

All dogs need regular ear cleanings. Keep your pet’s ears clean and healthy with EPIOTIC® Advanced Ear Cleanser. Designed for routine ear cleaning, EPIOTIC® Advanced Ear Cleanser supports good ear health and should be an important part of your pet’s at-home grooming routine! 

   Veterinarian-recommended cleanser, specifically designed for routine cleaning of the ears in dogs and cats 

•   Powerful yet gentle cleanser that doesn’t sting, making it great for frequent use

•   Easy to use—can also be used before applying ear treatment products




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frequently asked questions
  • Why should I use EPI-OTIC® Advanced Ear Cleanser?

    EPI-OTIC Advanced Ear Cleanser is a non-irritating cleanser.  It features innovative glycotechnology.