C.E.T.® OraStrip® Dental Diagnostic Test

Easily detect active periodontal disease that can hide beneath the gumline and out of sight.


The C.E.T.® OraStrip® Dental Diagnostic Test is the latest innovation in the C.E.T. Brand of Products for veterinary dental health. Benefits include: 

  • Quick, reliable results to help you detect disease and treat sooner
  • Easy-to-use colored grading system
  • Evidence of hidden periodontal disease to show clients
  • May help compliance for in-clinic and at-home dental care                

Best of all, the C.E.T.® OraStrip® Test complies with the latest American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) dental care guidelines1 recognizing that a diagnostic test strip such as this can be used to indicate gingival health and periodontal status.

In clinic use only.


  1. Holmstrom SE, Bellows, J, Juriga S, Knutson K, Niemiec BA, Perrone J. 2013 AAHA Dental Care Guidelines for Dogs and Cats. J Am Hosp Assoc. 2013;49:75–82.
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